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Umbilical cord: bank it with Nescens

Until a few years ago, babies’ umbilical cord was simply thrown away as waste. Today families have the opportunity to bank the umbilical cord and preserve a very valuable resource for the medicine of the future

Banking umbilical cord means collecting cord blood and cord tissue after childbirth. It is a very simple and safe procedure for both mother and baby.

More than 80 diseases are treated with hematopoietic stem cells (obtained from the blood), especially in the case of blood or immune system disorders. Mesenchymal stem cells (obtained from tissue) are very effective in regenerative medicine due to their ability to form different tissues and their anti-inflammatory properties.

The conservation of umbilical cord stem cells represents a real opportunity to benefit in the future from cell therapies currently used and those under development.

Nescens Swiss Stem Cell Science wants to raise community awareness of the potential of an important resource such as umbilical cord stem cells. Visit our website or contact us to find out how to bank your baby’s umbilical cord.