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Chronic kidney diseases

Ongoing clinical trials using stem cells to treat chronic kidney diseases.

The kidneys are vital organs whose function is to filter the blood from toxins accumulated in the body and to produce the hormones needed to maintain strong bones and clean blood.

Kidney disease causes a progressive or sudden loss of the kidneys’ filtering, purification and excretion functions. In Switzerland, chronic kidney disease affects 10% of the adult population.

Unfortunately, the symptoms often go unnoticed, causing these diseases to progress silently. High blood pressure, leg oedemas or reduced urine output can all signal kidney problems. It is therefore essential to carry out thorough and specific examinations to recognise the disease and treat it early.

Among the major causes of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure, followed by a number of hereditary conditions. In the most severe cases, where kidney activity has been reduced to 15% of normal function, it is necessary and vital to intervene with replacement therapy through kidney transplantation, peritoneal dialysis or haemodialysis.

But thanks to advances in scientific research, there are now 8 clinical trials started or planned involving the use of stem cells in the treatment of kidney disease, indirectly targeting underlying conditions such as diabetic nephropathy (serious complications linked to type I diabetes).

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